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v1.3 Build 01, released on 18th October 2005

Eon Commerce Ltd aims to make it easy for all our customers to achieve productivity gains using our software. All our tools are available on a 'try-before-you-buy' basis.

You can download a fully working trial version of EasyHTMLHelp™. We have also made ordering our software as easy as possible by offering different payment methods.

Note: EasyHTMLHelp™ supports Word 97, Word 2000, Word XP and Word 2003


It couldn't be easier... no forms to fill in... no nonsense... just try it out, and when you are ready... contact us to order the software. By ordering online, using your credit card, you can receive a registration key immediately!

Important! Please read the note about Anti-Virus software when you are installing.

Download EasyHTMLHelp™ Now! (Consists of an 4.3 Mb ZIP file)


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easyhtmlhelp.com (UK)

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eon-commerce.com (UK)

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eon-commerce.co.uk (UK)

For manual control over HTMLHelp compilation you also need to download the FREE Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

Users who have problems with corrupted bullets and numbered lists in Word 97/2000 documents should download the free List Buddy analyser/fixer.

If you feel your project is too big or complicated to author yourself, get in touch with Eon Commerce to find out about our authoring services.



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