EasyHTMLHelp™ Editor

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With EasyHTMLHelp™, you can create 'state of the art' online systems based on neat & tidy HTML such as:

  • Standalone Intranet and Internet Web sites
  • Software user manuals for Windows 2000 programs.
  • Distribute large HTML systems as a single file.


  • It is extremely easy to use. Follow five simple steps to create impressive results in minutes!
  • You can use your own style for writing documents. Use Word naturally.
  • Create projects using one or more source documents. Ideal for teams working on a LAN.
  • Upgrades for minor versions are FREE!


  • Automatically break up long documents into separate HTML pages, and create hyperlinks between the pages.
  • Insert pictures using the standard features of Word and control the underlying HTML attributes with a simple dialog.
  • Generate cascading style sheets.
  • Add automatic page-by-page navigation buttons.
  • Configuration options can be set at three levels: global, project and individual document level.
  • Convert Help files created by other authoring packages into the new Windows 2000 style HTML Help with our RTF to HTML feature.


A PC suitable for running Microsoft Word 97/2000.

No runtime viewer costs involved but Internet Explorer 4 or above is required


  • Insert pictures using the standard features of Word and define the HTML attributes of the pictures in a single dialog. Image maps can be included in the HTML automatically.
  • Import exiting RTF files created by other authoring packages.
  • Configurable for most international versions of Word such as German and Dutch.
  • Contents trees are built using your document's heading-level structure.
  • Numerous utilities to help automate tedious tasks and improve your productivity
  • Automatically create keywords and CSS style sheets.

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