EasyHTMLHelp™ Editor

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Thank you for evaluating EasyHTMLHelp™. It is fully functional during the trial period, but you must pay for it if you decide to use it after the trial period. It is not 'Freeware'!

When you register the product, your evaluation period-end will be unlocked and the 'register-now' messages will disappear.

When you decide to buy, there are number of ordering & payment methods.


You get FREE support via email during your evaluation period and a further 30 days FREE support from the date of purchase.

If you require support AFTER this period, we offer extended support -- either 6 or 12 months, which you can purchase online via secure server, using your credit card.

Our support email address is support@EasyHTMLHelp.com


We have compiled a number of extra support pages to help you learn more about EasyHTMLHelp™ and to avoid the common mistakes that new users make.

If you get stuck, contact us describing your problem and machine set-up in as much detail as possible.

But don't forget to try out all of the example documents and read the online user manual first!


Our training courses are suitable for a wide range of people from technical authors & programmers through to secretarial staff -- they are highly interactive and enjoyable.

If you can use a mouse, we will teach you everything you need to know to use Word like a professional author!