EasyHTMLHelp™ Editor

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Becoming an HTMLHelp expert doesn't require technical or programming knowledge if you use EasyHTMLHelp™.


Create HTML in bulk - Generate a complete set of HTML pages from one or more Word documents. The HTML code produced is clean and neat.

Compile HTML pages into HTML Help with automatic generation of contents and keywords index.

Easy - Anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Word can create professional HTMLHelp files in minutes.

Flexible - Use your own style & formatting for writing documents. Convert from other WinHelp and HTML Help authoring tools.

Tutorials - In the downloaded software is a tutorial to get your started. In addition to this we provide training for any level of user (UK-only at this time).


EasyHTMLHelp™ is an add-in application for Microsoft Word 97 or Word 2000.

An additional Word toolbar enables you to transform your documents into HTML Help in easy steps.

    1. Click Topic to mark separate HTML pages
    2. Click Link to create links between pages
    3. Click Process to generate HTML pages
    4. Click Results to check your HTML
    5. Click Build to compile your HTML into the new Windows 2000 style Help - complied HTML (.CHM files)

The online user manual and a full set of examples help you learn quickly.


A single-user licence for EasyHTMLHelp™ costs UK£120. If you buy additional licences at the same time, there is a 25% discount for users 2-5 and a massive 50% discount for each additional user beyond 5.

No distribution licence is required to view your runtime files (CHM or HTML). Click here to order EasyHTMLHelp™ now.

VAT at 17.5% is added if you are ordering from an EEC country.


Find out more by taking advantage of the 30-day trial version on this Web site.

The online user manual installed with the product (currently being extensively re-worked) describes EasyHTMLHelp™ in more detail.

Find out more about EasyHTMLHelp™