Anti-Virus software slows loading of the template

On November 15th 2001 Symantec introduced an algorithm into its Norton Antivirus software that that makes the EasyHTMLHelp template VERY slow to load the first time - up to 6 minutes according to some reports! Once loaded, the problem often disappears until the next NAV update is installed.

EasyHH.DOT contains some 20,000 lines of code, every line of which the virus checker checks before allowing the template to load.

However there is a way round this problem that avoids having to entirely disable automatic virus protection: NAV has an exclusion list to which you can add EASYHH.DOT and EASYHHMACROS.DOT, which you will find in your MSWord User-Templates folder..

If you have a different AV program that causes the same symptoms we would be grateful to know the sequence for excluding EasyHH from its AV scanning list.

Excluding EasyHH.DOT from NAV

  • Click the "Options" button
  • Select "Exclusions"
  • Select "New"
  • Browse for EASYHH.DOT (see below for file location)
  • Click OK

Disabling the NAV Office Plug-in

  • Select Options
  • Select "Miscellaneous"
  • De-Select "Enable Office Plug-in"

Not that disabling the plug-in is dangerous if you regularly receive office documents from insecure sources. Normally NAV will scan the EasyHTML templates after each NAV antivirus update. Thereafter it should not affect the file.

For more information on enabling/disabling the Office 2000 plug-in, see this article

Locating the EasyHTMLHelp Template

EASYHH.DOT can be found in the Word Templates folder which will be in one of a variety of locations. It is defined in Word under Tools|Options|File Locations|Templates. These are typical locations:

Word 97:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates

Word 2000/XP/2003
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Windows NT/XP
The template may be found in the user configuration eg:
C:\Documents and Settings\My User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Contact Symantec to report this problem