Word Versions Supported

EasyHTMLHelp supports all versions of Word from Word 97 on. It also supports numerous different language versions of Word. Because there are significant differences in the underlying document object structure in different versions of Word, don't be too surprised if the results produced by EasyHTMLHelp are not identical between all versions of Word.

  • Word 2003 was almost fatal! MS decided to revise the way that macro templates operate - with the effect that EasyHH could only process one topic at a time! We have now revised the way the templates work and now a global add-in, EasyHTMLHelpMacros.DOT does the work that EasyHH.DOT used to do. We anticipate a few more "gotcha's" as our users migrate to Word 2003 so if it does not, work as it should, then let us know.
  • Word XP has presented us with the usual MS upgrade headaches, but we gradually fixed the things that Microsoft broke!
  • Word 2000 and Word 97 were the primary platforms on which most development took place.
  • We no longer support Word 6 or Windows 3.1 (used for HTML only generation) or Word 7. If you are still using Word 7, we will be making available an old version of EasyHH that is compatible. However, we have no plans to update the Word 7 version.