Version History

Version 1.3 Build 01 Released October 18 2005

  • EasyHH now supports Word 2003. EASYHH.DOT is now a "loader" that installs and activates EASYHHMACROS.DOT which runs the file conversion.
  • New installation program enables XP users without Administrator rights to install the software. EASYHH.INI will be loaded into the application path (instead of in the Windows folder) unless a previous installation is detected for a user with Administrators rights. New default installation folder is "My Documents\EasyHH"
  • WebHelp is no longer supported because of the Windows Critical Update 811630 security "fix" that disables HCTRL.OCX
  • A wish list and proposed bug fixes that have accumulated during the last 15 months are in the pipeline. We will be responding to problems with Word 2003 idiosyncrasies as they are reported.


1.2 Build 10 - Last Build in v1.2 - 16 June 2004

  • Installation of compiler hha.dll sometimes failed causing compiler to malfunction

1.2 Build 09 Not Released

1.2 Build 08

  • Latest versions of HH system files included in the installation (Not installed on more modern Windows systems)
  • <!DocType> can now be specified in HTML Format. The default is

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "">

    but you can specify the full <!doctype> statement you want to use in the "DocType" switch in the HTML Format section of EasyHH.INI or in the project or document details file.
  • PNG files can now be used although they cannot be created by FLASH conversion.
  • Paragraph borders now supported in conversion from Word paragraph styles to CSS definitions
  • New Utility "Process HTML Link Alternatives". This utility creates [HTML Link Alternatives] in the document settings file which are used for inline links within a single source document
  • New Utility "Convert Embedded Pictures". This uses Word's inbuilt web page creation capability to convert embedded pictures into linked graphics. Being a Microsoft solution, it can run out of memory in batch mode on very large documents containing numerous embedded pictures.
  • Can now suppress metatags with "UseMetatags=no" in [HTML Format] or in advanced config
  • Added switch "ShowProcessing=yes". This is used for debugging purposes and is usually specified at document level. However, it can be specified under [General Settings] in EasyHH.INI
  • Can now prevent users viewing the HTML source with "PreventViewSource=yes" in [HTML Format] or in advanced config
  • Added Embedded Pictures to the Find Dialog
  • The Insert Picture Path is now stored in each project file
  • Bug Fix: CSS italic definition was wrong when italics=true
  • Bug Fix: If user process a single topic at the top of the document (above the first topic definition), a bad html file (with the same name as the document) was being created.
  • Advanced Config options and list of Utilities now sorted alphabetically.
  • Bug Fix: where an extra bullet is placed before a table
    (This was still buggy in pre-release versions)

1.2 Build 07

  • Bug Fix: Word XP StyleSheet creation was causing some systems to hang when UseStyleSheet=yes
  • Paragraph style colours are replicated exactly when
            CSSHexColor=yes            (default value=no)
     in [HTML Format] of EasyHH.INI or in project/document setting file
  • Added new parameter to allow folders instead of books in the contents tree (TOC)
    • Imagetype=folder (default for WebHelp)
    • Imagetype=book (default for CHM)
  • New WebHelp icon strip switches (default values shown) 
    • Imagetype=folder
    • ImageWidth=16
    • ColorMask=0xff00ff
    • ImageList=
      (ImageList is the file name of the Image Strip)
  • Bug fix: Remove frames from the Normal style before processing
  • Removed unnecessary formatting tags from CSS-driven html files (UseStyleSheet=yes)
    <SPAN> colour tags and <... ALIGN=...> tags on "Heading" styles
    <BLOCKQUOTE> tags on the Normal Indent style
  • Spaces not allowed in topic name prefix in AutoTopic or AutoTopicAlternative

1.2 Build 06

  • Completely rebuilt the WebHelp Examples
  • Bug rebuilding the INI file when AutoKeywords=yes
    All the Titles and Webdescriptions were replaced by the semi-coloned keyword string
  • Note on how to suppress floating pictures warnings added to message.
  • When no document INI file is found, the user is now warned before a new blank file is created. They can cancel at that point.

1.2 Build 05

  • HTML Header Footer and Sidebar - can now be suppressed by entering "(none)" or "none"
  • Added NAME="graphic" to <IMG> tag
    This was to overcome a problem with IE4 Javascript defining the source of an image.
  • Only one CHM file window is opened when displaying the built Help file
  • New method of processing Word hyperlinks removes several bugs

1.2 Build 04 - 28 November 2002

  • Automatic Navigation: added a new switch NavigationReplacement=simple which forces $prev$, $next$ and $map$ to be replaced literally (without adding quotations and ".htm" extensions). Useful in common headers and footers when you want to run a JavaScript function to do the navigation.
             [HTML Format]
  • Graphics Dialog fixed so it can work correctly in XP. There is still possible problem with displaying a thumbnail on the dialog but this is a bug in XP.

1.2 Build 03 - 29 August 2002

  • Fixed a bug where, in some documents, the same graphic gets duplicated in all topics containing a graphic.
  • Changed style sheet definition for bullet style from "Disk" to "Disc"

1.2 Build 02

  • Created a fix to prevent EasyHH from bombing when the last cell of a complex table has underlying corruption that the user cannot see.
  • Fixed compiler error (occurs in Word 97 only) which happens when the Find utility has located a floating object.

Version 1.2 Build 01

  • New installation program which detects previous installations of EasyHTML and EasyHelp and converts their configurations to the new EasyHH format
  • EasyHH now supports Word XP. There are unresolved issues with XP which we have catalogued in "Example 08: Problems with Word"
  • Template no longer saves itself to disk on first use. This will reduce the hassle for installations with anti-virus software that is macro-unfriendly.
  • Added two new examples to show how to create an Index and how to use dynamic variables
  • Bold, Italic, Subscript, Superscript and Coloured text, embedded within paragraphs, is now supported when UseStyleSheet=yes
  • Centre and right-justified "Normal" style paragraphs are now displayed correctly when using stylesheets.
  • When document contains floating pictures, the warning message has been improved, locating the first floating picture if the user selects "Cancel". This routine also had a bug: "Compile error in hidden module" which has been fixed - this only affected some Word versions.
  • Added "Floating Pictures" to the Find utility - reports all graphic objects that are not converted to HTML by EasyHH because they only exist on the "Print" layer of the document.
  • Table processing and centring modified so that the tables render correctly on IE6.
  • Topic Title Underlining - default now set to JumpTopicRule=no in EasyHH.INI, except where the user has already explicitly globally defined it as yes. This can be overridden at project or document level.


1.1 Build 36 - Last Build in v1.1 - Not officially released

  • Process now temporarily disables those Save Options that sometimes cause Word to crash during the process stage. They are restored to their existing settings at the end:
          AllowFastSave = False
          BackgroundSave = False
          CreateBackup = False
  • Fixed bug which caused Bulk Process to generate unwanted htm files with the same name as the document. Also made the process more robust to hopefully solve the mysterious "Bulk Process failed" messages on some platforms.
  • EasyHHKeyword: fixed the bug where a blank keyword (ie an unwanted semicolon) is inserted when the existing keyword string is blank

1.1 Build 35

  • Fixed bug in processing Word index entries where multiple entries were sometimes being written to the HHK file
  • Fixed bug in generating index entries for WebHelp
  • Added JumpTopicRule and PopupTopicRule to the Advanced config dialog

1.1 Build 34

  • Norton Anti-Virus affects loading of EasyHH template
  • Added support for conversion of simple Word index entries into CHM index entries via the use of HHConvertIndexEntries=yes
  • Fixed a bug in which the joint action of HHKeywords=no and HHContents=no was producing an unexpected effect.
  • Added SiteMap definition to the Topic Dialog

1.1 Build 33

  • Bug Fix: Links in table cells sometimes disappear
    This only happened when the end-of-cell marker was the same colour as the link text.
    The previous fix was to insert a black space after the link text.
  • Bug Fix: Cells with Numlists have extra item inserted at the end of list
  • Problem when has headers and footers assigned
    Headers and footers inherited from the Normal template are now automatically removed from HTM and CSS files
  • Problem when document|track changes is on
    This could cause processing to get caught in a loop. Change tracking is now disabled. A warning message will ALWAYS appear when change tracking is active.

1.1 Build 32

  • Bug fix - error when CheckOverwrite=yes and user selects "No"
  • Bug fix - restore whole document when embedded/floating pictures have been found and user is processing a subset of the document.

1.1 Build 31

  • Setup program revised to include Hebrew and to set other language defaults
  • Polish language settings revised in LANGUAGE.INI
  • Improved search for Internet Explorer
  • Online "Check for Upgrade" now included on the "About" dialog for unregistered users

1.1 Build 30

  • Setup program revised to include a generic "Other Language"
  • Fixed dialogs where the "Cancel" button was not functioning correctly in some International versions of Word.
  • Fixed a bug in the Windows control panel uninstall
  • Revised the method of detecting embedded and floating pictures. The international setting for "includepicture" is no longer required
  • Fixed bugs in AutoTopic and AutoTopicAlternative when a topic heading contains non-printable characters or field codes and where auto keywords were being assigned incorrectly in some circumstances.
  • "ChangeSpecial" reinstated as an advanced config dialog parameter.

1.1 Build 29

  • Added the HHDefaultFont switch to allow Non-English character sets to be used in the HH project file. This switch complements the HHLanguage switch. Settings for this switch are accessed on the advanced config dialog as follows:

                 font-name, point-size, character set
    eg:        Arial,8,161 (sets Arial 8 point GREEK )
  • Extended the use of the AutoKeywords=single switch to allow a single keyword to be created from a whole topic title
  • Modified the advanced config to change "AllowBlankParagraphs" to "RemoveBlankParagraphs". The former switch had no function.

1.1 Build 28

  • Bug fix: "AutoKeywords=yes" switch not working
  • Bug fix: CSS "text-decoration" attribute being written twice
  • Bug fix: Contents of centred text in table cells were getting "lost" when there was no paragraph marker in the cell

1.1 Build 27

  • Fixed a "compiler error" when creating a Topic - bug affecting only some Word 97 versions.

1.1 Build 26

  • Fix bug in which Word-TOC-Fields can sometimes cause Process to get stuck in a loop.
  • Maximum length of a project name is extended to 20 characters
  • Added a new option ContentsHeading=no. When set at document, project or global level, the contents tree does NOT include an entry for the document.
  • Added new Example 14 to explain how to manage the contents tree. Completely rebuilt the examples using the new ContentsHeading=no setting.
  • Fixed "Num List" processing so that continuation numbers are preserved when there are intervening non-list paragraphs between list items.
  • Fixed Bulk Processing utility so that style sheets are created correctly. NB it is a good idea to set OverwriteStyleSheet=no when bulk-processing multiple files that share the same CSS.

1.1 Build 24

  • Cursor was being left at end of document after a Process in Word 2000. This was yet another VBA command that failed to execute in w2000 as it did in W97!
  • BaseFontSize=2 added to [HTML Format] section of EasyHH.INI
  • Added a "Check for Upgrade" button to the "About" dialog. Unregistered users see a "Purchase" button.
  • Examples Project was not being configured correctly - particularly when not installed in default "c:\easyhh" folder
  • Word 2000 bug fix. Process gets caught in a loop in documents containing multiple blank lines. This was because Word 2000 "ReplaceAll" has a bug in it!
  • New switches available in the [HTML Format] section

            RemoveRedundantTags default=yes
            RemoveBlankParagraphs default=no
  • A non-critical problem occurs when the project has the same name as the Help Title. The CHM file window has a name which the system cannot distinguish from the Word Window. As a result, Word can close during a build!

    A temporary fix was introduced in with a message box to warn about this

        An open application window was detected: ...etc

    This will be looked-at to find a more robust solution.
  • Serious problem with International versions of Word was solved. Because of a difference in the "Find And Replace" definition of "White Space" EasyHH Aborted!

    If you would like to let us know the definition for White Space in your language, click here (NB White space in English Word is "^w").

    In Word 97, select HelpIContents and Index and search for: "Examples of special characters and document elements"

    In Word 2000, use the online Help by searching for "Find and replace text or formatting" and then selecting "Find and replace paragraph marks, page breaks, and other items"

1.1 Build 19

  • Fix bug where keyword creation could get in a loop if documents were not correctly added to the project
  • Installation program now does not ask to locate the browser and removes the old Examples shortcuts before installing the new ones.
  • Fix bug which caused Word to hang during Processing Captions in some non-English versions of Word 2000.
  • Significantly revised the Examples (in the EasyHH install folder)
  • Added HTMLExtraHead switch which allows additional code to be inserted (from an external file) immediately before the </HEAD> tag.
  • Improvements to the EasyHH graphics Dialog
  • Automatic navigation now applies to inline popup topics
  • Fix a bug in processing common headers and footers. Files are now created correctly on the first pass where before, it sometimes took two passes
  • Fix a problem with processing of the contents tree (HHC) to match the "Heading" structure of the document.
  • Fix a problem with processing complex tables containing vertically merged cells.
  • Fix bug in AutoTopicAlternative when processing certain heading levels
  • Another fix to "Auto Contents List" utility to prevent it from getting caught in a loop.

1.1 Build 17

  • Fixed bug in 1.1 Building the Index (HHK) file when a 1.1 Build order has NOT been specified.
  • Fixed bug in "Auto Contents List" utility to prevent it from getting caught in a loop if there is a large area of hidden text in the last topic in a document.
  • "AddFileToProject" - added to the EasyHH entry on Word's dropdown menus.
  • New [Warnings] section in EasyHH.INI, the use of which will be extended in future 1.1 Builds. It contains yes|no options for standard EasyHH warning messages.
  • Several users have complained that "mysterious" heading tags (e.g. <H4>) appear in the HTML output. This is an undesirable side-effect of Word's AutoFormat feature. We have now added a warning message that advises users to disable the feature and optionally disables it automatically. It appears when you load a new EasyHH template for the first time, or when you run the EasyHHInterface macro 

1.1 Build 15

  • Fixed bug in the "Auto Topic Alternative" utility, where sub-headings were being numbered incorrectly. The previous dialog settings for this utility are now stored in the active project file.
  • It is now possible to cancel a Process if the common header or common footer files are found to be incorrect.
  • It has been reported that common header/footer files can be corrupted when saved as Word 2000 documents and then subsequently opened in Word 97. The solution is to Save-As Word 6.0/95.

To Version 1.1 Build 14

There have been numerous bug fixes in this release, mainly to cope with new "features" of Word 2000. For example

  • Word 2000 tables have behaviour where the column widths can change automatically as the cell contents change. We now disable this feature before processing each document.
  • If the last paragraph in a table cell is a bullet, the HTM list set is ruined. The work-around used to involve putting a blank normal paragraph at the end of each cell. We have now fixed this automatically.
  • Despite the fact that Word is still corrupting lists, we have improved the bullet/list processing methods to solve some of the problems. It's still advisable to use the EasyHH list styles!


We are grateful to all who contacted to report bugs or to offer suggestions about improving the software.

Our policy is to release new updates regularly, rather than storing the updates for one big release. This way you get the new functionality sooner. Visit our Web site regularly to see if an update is available.

An Appeal:

Microsoft has been unable to supply us with the International version information we have been requesting. We are currently looking for the non-English language special setting for "White Space", that is used in "Find and Replace": click here